Future Funk Monthly Mixes and Other Updates

Hello people of the cyberspace!

Some days ago we got in touch with Future Funk Monthly and we got their permission to play their mixes on the radio 😀

The schedule will be the following:

  • Future Funk Monthly mixes (last mix – e.g. During September we’ll stream August’s mix until the September one is released) [Saturdays, 18:00 UTC]
  • Special mixes, if there’re any (e.g. The Last Days of a Future Funk Summer) [Fridays, 16:00 UTC]

If any artist would like to play their music on the radio, please contact with us via contact@xenonradio.com.

According to the updates made, even if the display works properly there are some issues with the codification of Artist and Song when displaying uncommon characters like the Japanese ones. We are working hard to solve this issue but it might take more time than we would like. So please be patient.

And remember cyberfolks, let the groove do the talking! 😉

Team Xenon Radio: