Welcome to Xenon Radio!

Hello, everyone!

We’re Xenon Radio, a project focused on promoting mainly future funk. Since there’s no 24/7 radio streaming this kind of music, we’ve decided to be the first ones and create one. This way, we’d like to spread this genre to the most people available in cyberspace!

At the moment, the radio is still under development and there’re many things to do. Although, you can listen to the radio, as we’ve already released the beta, there might be errors related to the player (the display isn’t working) and sometimes you won’t even be able to listen to it.

Also, we’ve thought to add vaporwave and synthwave in the future funk, so we’ll set a timetable according to the UTC, so it’s easier for anyone living in another cyberworld. The radio will have a chat, but this feature will take its time to be available. So, be patient until everything’s working properly.

We hope you enjoy this project as much as we do and don’t forget to groove to it around all the cyberspace!

Let the groove do the talking!


Team Xenon Radio:



One comment

  1. Kieran · August 28, 2016

    This radio station changed my life. Thank you so much.